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Nationals IRWSAA National Specialty Date: Friday, July 6 th , 2018 Monroe, Michigan Announcements New National Specialty Store information now available. Please check out the Store page. Membership Dues, Rescue Fund & Trophy Fund PayPal Payment Online Payment Donation Trophy IRWSAA Membership Renewal Link 2018 IRWSAA Calendar Paypal ordering H & G Committee Chair Cancer Survey Please if everyone that has had cancer with their IRWS please take the time to fill this out to help us collect information for our breed Please Click Here For Survey
2018 IRWSAA NATIONAL SPECIALTY LAST REMINDERS #1 The deadline for submitting entries to MBF is this Wednesday, the 20th, and 12:00PM.  There are four shows available, our National, the Michigan Sporting Dog Association also on the 6th, and the Ann Arbor Kennel Club on July 7th and 8th. #2 The IRWSAA Supported entries for Obedience and Rally are on July 6th with the Ann Arbor Kennel Club.  Use the AKC Entry form with MBF. #3 There are Supported Entries for IRWS on both the 7th and 8th. #4 The Banquet/Picnic with be the 6th at approximately 30 minutes after the MSDA Group Championship.  The Parades will occur then as well as the Annual IRWSAA Awards.  The IRWSAA Annual Meeting will follow.  To make your reservations for the Banquet go to the IRWSAA Website and follow the links to the Banquet.  You may pay with PayPal or send a check to IRWSAA Mary O’Leary. (The deadline for Banquet Reservations is June 22nd.) #5 To enter the Parades you must also go the IRWSAA website and use PayPal or send a check to IRWSAA Treasurer Mary O’Leary.  Additionally, send the registered name with titles to so that the ribbons can be customized and ordered. (The deadline for Parade entries is also June 20th.) #6 You may drop off your equipment in the area designated for IRWSAA grooming on the 5th.  I will be there after lunch to show you the options.  There will also be signs directing you to the area. (Head toward the Free Stage.) 2018 IRWSAA National Specialty Update 6-12-2018 I am going to try to answer a bunch of questions with this update. I will also send a map of the fairgrounds after this message. Grooming: We have a designated area for the entire weekend. It is the Free Stage.  Just IRWS will be there. The area is covered with a roof and there is plenty of electricity. Parking for exhibitors is immediately across the road in front of the Free Stage.    The Ole McDonald building is adjacent to the Free Stage and is an all breed grooming area with plenty of electricity.  The grass area in front of Ole McDonald will have an all breed grooming tent.  There will be two wash stations in this area. There is parking behind Ole McDonald. Some IRWSAA members will be camping behind Ole McDonald There will also be a large all breed grooming tent at the south end of the breed ring tent. You will be able to use the same spot all weekend. The Banquet will be in the Sporting Dog Pavilion, aka Sam’s Pizza, it is # 18 on the map.  We will be having a Michigan 4th of July Picnic, not pizza. Saturday and Sunday the Sporting Dog Pavilion is ours to use.  The Raffle will be held there on Saturday. The Specialty rings are outside on grass with a huge tent. Unless you are planning on camping don’t rent a campsite. You can set up your canopy in our designated are near the Free Stage and just pay the parking fee of $7. JUDGES ED CHANGE Following consultations between the MSDA show chair, the AAKC show chair, IRWSAA President Michael Lamp, and the IRWSAA chair Keith Eldred it has been decided to adjust the schedule for the National Specialty. We are anticipating entries in excess of 100 and with two shows on the 6th, the IRWSA Specialty and the MSDA Specialty we would be unable to conduct Judges Education with conflict with one or both shows. Thus, Judges Education has been shifted to Thursday evening, July 5th at 6:00PM. It will be held in the Expo Center in one of the rings set up for Obedience or Rally. On Friday the 6th ringside mentoring will take place at both specialties. Additionally, to be sure that the MSDA breed judging is done in time for the 4:00PM Group Judging, the IRWS will be judged in the MSDA show in the morning and our Specialty will be after noon.  The exact times will not be known until MBF processes the entries. Remember, the deadline for the entries to all shows is noon on June 20th. 2018 IRWSAA National Specialty Updates as of 6-11-2018 Dear IRWSAA Members This message will serve as notice of our Annual Meeting . The meeting will be held on Friday, July 6, 2018 at the Monroe County Fairgrounds, 3775 S Custer Rd, Monroe, MI 48161 at 6:30 pm following our annual dinner and awards. Please make plans to attend. Thank you Michael Lamp IRWSAA President July 6 th  is rapidly approaching.  The deadline for entries is June 20 th  at 12:00noon.  The online entry service is MBF,   There are four different shows to enter, the IRWSAA National Specialty and the Michigan Sporting Dog Association Specialty, both on July 6 th , and the Ann Arbor Kennel Club shows on July 7 th   and 8 th .  There are supported entries for both AAKC shows. The IRWSAA is supporting the entry for Obedience and Rally in the AAKC trials on July 6 th .  There will be special qualifying ribbons from the IRWSA and a IRWS High In Trial Ribbon for Obedience and a Highest Combined Score IRWS in Rally Advanced B and Excellent B Ribbon in Rally.  Entries for Obedience and Rally are to be made on the AAKC page at As of June 7 th  there were still some rooms available in the IRWSAA block at the EconoLodge in Monroe, MI.  Call 734-384-1500 to make a reservation. The group account is IRWSAA 3240262. The rate is $60 per night and a one time $25 dog fee.  If you find that the block is full contact Keith Eldred at  He will contact the hotel to try to get an additional room. The Award Banquet/Michigan Picnic will take place approximately 30 minutes after the completion of the MSDA Group.  It will be held at the MSDA Pavilion (Sam’s Pizza) We will start with the picnic then have the various parades, then the Annual Awards, and conclude with the Annual Business Meeting.  Reservations may be made by check made out to the IRWSAA with Banquet on the notation line and mailed to IRWSAA Treasurer Mary O’Leary at 3225 Oxford-Middletown Rd, Hamilton, OH, 45013. The cost is $15 per person if paid by check or $16.50 per person if you use PayPal. To use PayPal go to the IRWSAA website and click on “Online Payment Donation” That will send you to the page where you can select how many reservations you want. Just follow the prompts from that point.  Checks and PayPal must be received by June 22 nd . As stated above the Parades will be held after the Banquet/Picnic just prior to the presentation of Awards.  To enter the Parade of Champions/Title Holders $10, Parade of Veterans $10, or Parade of Rescues (Free), either send a check to Mary O’Leary at the address listed above with the type of parade in the notation, or use PayPal as explained above to send payment of $11 for each parade.  Additionally you must send an email to listing which Parade/s you are entering and the exact name of your dog/s to be printed on the ribbon.  Do not put that information on the check, email it to the above email address. The Parade entries are due June 20, 2018, the same as the entries in the shows. The Annual Meeting will take place in the Sporting Dog Association Pavilion, Sam’s Pizza, immediately following the Parades and Awards no earlier than 6:30PM. The Michigan Sporting Dog Association will be providing all Sporting Dog Exhibitors Tim Hortons coffee and donuts at 7:30 Friday morning at the Sporting Dog Pavilion (Sam’s Pizza), in addition there will be coolers of water and soft drinks all weekend. During the MSDA Group judging on Friday afternoon there will be a Nacho and Margarita bar open in the Sporting Dog Pavilion for all Sporting Dog Exhibitors. This is just before our Banquet and Annual Meeting. The IRWSAA will have a grooming area on the Free Stage next to the 4-H building. We will be the only breed using that area. Day parking for exhibitors will be immediately across the road or behind the School Exhibit Building or the Ole McDonald building adjacent to the Free Stage. Watch for signs directing you to the area. The Ole McDonald building will also serve as an all-breed grooming area as well as the tent to be set up right in front of the Ole McDonald Building. There will be two dog wash stations in that area. Parking fees for the fairground are $7 per day.  Campers will have no parking fee. Details in regard to Judges Education and the order of the shows will be coming soon. American Kennel Club Parent Club The Irish Red and White Setter Association of America, Inc. is the national or "parent" club for the Irish Red and White Setter in the United States of America. Founded in 1997 by a group of concerned breeders/enthusiasts whose goals were to educate the public on the Irish Red and White Setter and to encourage and promote quality breeding of the pure- bred Irish Red and White Setter. The objectives of this club shall be: 1. to educate the public on the value of the Irish Red and White Setter 2. to encourage and promote quality in the breeding of pure-bred Irish Red and White Setters and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection. 3. to encourage the organization of independent local Irish Red and White Setter Speciality clubs in those localities where there are sufficient fanciers of the breed to meet the requirements of the American Kennel Club 4. to urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the Irish Red and White Setter Association of America and the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Irish Red and White Setters shall be judged. 5. to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, field trails, hunt tests, obedience trails and other events 6. to conduct sanctioned matches and speciality shows, field trails, hunt tests and other events under the Rules and Regulations of the American Kennel Club.
The National Dinner Reservations and Parade of Title Holder Entries are available on the Online Payment page here.
NEW! Hunt Test and Registry of Merit (ROM) information now available here: Hunt Test , Registry of Merit (ROM) .