Irish Red and White Setter Association of America, Inc.

AKC Parent Club for the Irish Red and White Setter

IRWSAA - Code of Ethics - 2012

The IRWSAA was formed and exists to encourage and promote the pure-bred IRWS. To that end, the following are four fundamental principles of the IRWSAA Code of Ethics.

  • Promotion of the standard of the breed
  • Advancement of the objectives and integrity of the Association
  • Protection of the interests of the breed and individual dogs
  • Promotion of quality and integrity in breeding programs

This code is established to further the objectives of the club as set forth in the IRWSAA Constitution and By-laws. IRWSAA members recognize that as individuals, our practices ofownership, breeding, sportsmanship, and ethics directly affect the welfare of the breed. We realize that no code will cover every behavior necessary to protect the breed, therefore, we acknowledge our actions are the truest reflection of our personal integrity and ethics, our commitment to the enhancement of our breed community, and true concern for the welfare of the breed.

IRWSAA members agree to the following:

  1. Promotion of the standard of the breed
    1. Use the breed standard created by the parent club and adopted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to evaluate the suitability of a dogs' temperament, type, and structure for exhibition in AKC events and for breeding.
    2. Participate in and/or support events which promote the breed standard and that reflect the breed’s history such as AKC shows and performance events, Meet the Breed events, Judges Education Seminars, etc.
  2. Advancement of the objectives and integrity of the Association
    1. Adhere to all AKC rules, regulations and requirements pertaining to the sport of dogs, the constitution, by-laws and regulations of the IRWSAA, including this Code of Ethics.
    2. Share knowledge truthfully, constructively and respectfully.
    3. Display good sportsmanship and conduct in a manner that gives credit to IRWSAA, AKC and the Breed.
    4. Encourage and promote public awareness of responsible pet ownership.
    5. Be available to mentor inquiries from fanciers of the breed.
  3. Protection of the interests of the breed and individual dogs
    1. Provide appropriate training, exercise and supervision to ensure their dogs are healthy and well mannered.
    2. Ensure to their best ability, that all dogs they place are not brokered, wholesaled or consigned through a pet shop, auction or other commercial establishment and are not offered as prizes in contests, raffles or fundraising events.
    3. The Club recommends permanent identification either by microchip or tattoo, on any dogs that are owned or placed and records kept with identification numbers and include those numberswhen dogs are placed with new owners. If registered with an organization, offer to add your name as second contact, if found
  4. Promotion of quality and integrity in breeding programs
    1. Do so with the full understanding of the responsibility they bear to the future of the breed and with the paramount intention of improving and protecting the breed. Breeders should understand the breed standard, evaluate individual mature dogs' traits, evaluate traits present in a breeding dogs' immediate and extended family, and apply the principles of genetics. Ideally, breeders should have a practical knowledge of mating, care of a bitch in whelp, raising a litter and the time, effort, and financial resources required to engage in this activity.
    2. Remain available for advice for the lifetime of offspring from their dogs.
    3. Breeders and stud dog owners should provide assistance to dogs of their breeding in need of re-homing whether through a through a shelter, law enforcement agency, rescue organization or an individual.
    4. Members may state in advertising, “Member of the Irish Red & White Setter Association of America.”